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Ginger Shots

A few times a week I replace my first early morning coffee with a ginger shot.  It is the only alternative to coffee that works for me first thing in the morning. This recipes makes 6 shots.  Like everything else in moderation, not too much, but enough to give that boost of energy.  Its anti-inflamatory and I like the thought that it helps metabolism.  … Read More Ginger Shots

Linguine with ricotta, lemon and lambs lettuce

This is a perfect light pasta dish for the summer prepared in the same amount of time it takes to cook the pasta   You will need: 500g linguine salt for pasta water For the sauce: 1 cup reserved pasta water 150g lambs lettuce 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon lemon zest 2 tablespoons lemon juice 200g ricotta 75g parmesan Lemon Pepper to season … Read More Linguine with ricotta, lemon and lambs lettuce


Quick Date and vanilla ice cream

I cannot call this ice cream healthy but it is an effort to eliminate processed sugar and I use dates instead.  The flavour of the dates make it very special.   I have made this during live tv and it is very easy.  The time needed is to allow time for it to freeze before you whisk it and then of course it needs to … Read More Quick Date and vanilla ice cream

Roasted Eggplant Salad Dip

I prefer this dish served cold.  The Middle East left a strong influence on the way I prepare my food and the eggplants need to be roasted or placed on the bbq, then broken up roughly with a fork to make a paste before they are added to the other ingredients. This can be served as a salad, a main or side or great … Read More Roasted Eggplant Salad Dip

Very Quick Mulberry [Cawsli] Cheesecake [gluten free]

I like this cheesecake, made with ricotta, because it is an all-in-one recipe and ever so easy to make. For the Quick Mulberry Cheesecake you will need: 300g Maltese mulberries (Ċawsli) 1kg ricotta 6 large eggs 2 tablespoons cornflour 200g caster sugar or equivalent in stevia vanilla pinch of salt grated zest of a lime or lemon   Preheat oven to 170°C and line … Read More Very Quick Mulberry [Cawsli] Cheesecake [gluten free]

Ruggata – Old fashioned Maltese Almond Lemon Drink

I follow an old traditional recipe and use common almond essence.  This recipe came from those days when it was a necessity to be frugal in the kitchen. Ruggata is very quick to make, contains a lot of sugar.  You can use stevia if you wish but it does not achieve exactly the same results. This is a cordial and I know it seems … Read More Ruggata – Old fashioned Maltese Almond Lemon Drink

Chickpeanut Dip

After years of living in the Middle East, I like my hummus to be authentic. I am seeing more dips called ‘hummus’, some even looking and tasting more of guacamole, an injustice to the queen of dips. In this recipe, I combine chickpeas with peanuts  and serve it with fresh fruit, vegetables. Chickpeas have a great consistency and they are so versatile as they … Read More Chickpeanut Dip


Farm to Fork Organic Salad

I went to Vincent’s Eco Farm today and got a wonderful box of fresh organic produce.  I chose produce that was cultivated on the estate.  There was a huge variety but I chose cauliflower, egglplants, a mix of coloured tomatoes, bulgarian tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, kale, onion, lemons and more. You should see the size of the cucumbers, those old fashioned type ones that … Read More Farm to Fork Organic Salad


Old fashioned quick Maltese Ice Cream made with evaporated milk

I remember this ice cream from my childhood, something quick that everyone made using evaporated milk.  You can simply leave out the cinnamon and dried fruits or you can adapt the same recipe to a flavour of your choice. You will need 1 large tin [410ml] evaporated milk 4 tablespoons sugar [or stevia] 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon vanilla 3 tablespoons glace cherries,cut in half … Read More Old fashioned quick Maltese Ice Cream made with evaporated milk

Chicken and cottage cheese baked Pulpetti

If you ask around what we mean by ‘pulpetti’ the answer would probably be ‘meatballs’.  In other cuisines, meatballs are round, and usually mouth-size.   So I share today my healthy quick recipe of baked patties, made with minced chicken and cottage cheese.  The health drive has really kicked in now and it needs to be a way of life rather than an interlude of … Read More Chicken and cottage cheese baked Pulpetti


Coffee Gateau [no bake]

This is one of my memories of Malta as a child, a recipe shared by a teacher at school, our first attempts at ‘cooking’.  Then we went abroad and I really never came across it in this format anywhere else but on my return, so many years later, discovered that it is an old time favourite of many families, with different twists adapted to … Read More Coffee Gateau [no bake]

Quick healthy stuffed pasta shells baked in the oven

This is one of those healthier bakes that you can still make very quickly.  Instead of the pasta shells you can also use the cannelloni tubes.  The filling is made from ricotta, ground hazelnuts and broccoli. I used 10 giant pasta shells and this serves 2 to 3 persons. You will need: 10 pasta shells.  75g uncooked broccoli 50g hazelnuts 100g ricotta  1 egg … Read More Quick healthy stuffed pasta shells baked in the oven