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Do these beautiful edible flowers grow in your garden?

These delicate white flowers that grow in our garden are edible garlic chives or Chinese chives [Allium tuberosum [Latin], gau choy 韭菜 [Chinese] and nira [Japanese]. I remember seeing them in abundance in outdoor vegetable markets in Asia. The stems are a great flavour enhancer and the white flowers are perfect to finish off a salad.  If you do not like the idea of … Read More Do these beautiful edible flowers grow in your garden?


Quinoa and Bulgur Herb Salad

This salad is kind of based on the Lebanese taboulleh but meeting quite a few people recently who are allergic to tomatoes made me skip this ingredient and strip out other ingredients that are not considered agreeable to everyone’s digestion.


Flowering Sage

In season now, sage is in full bloom and the flowers which are much milder in flavour than the leaves.  They are a wonderful addition to a salad, in moderation. Use them to decorate a cake, to make herbed vinegar or olive oil, or simply pour hot water over them to make a tea infusion.  Add them dried to your salt or pepper grinder, … Read More Flowering Sage