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Kwarezimal for Lent, egg free with no added fat

These are my very favorite local sweets. They are traditionally eaten at Lent and are easy and quick to make with wonderful flavors. ┬áThis recipe completely egg free with no added fats. Known as Kwarezimal, the word derives from quaresima for the 40 days of lent and the ingredients in it reflect repentance and giving up the luxuries of eggs and fat. I make … Read More Kwarezimal for Lent, egg free with no added fat


Maltese Pudina and Barbetta’s

‘A visit to a very old bakery in the village of Zejtun prompted me to bake this old fashioned Maltese chocolate pudding [Pudina] that my grandmother, like most frugal Maltese and Gozitan grandmothers, used to make. It was an economical cake, the way to use up stale bread and all the bits and pieces in the kitchen store cupboard. As with most Maltese sweet … Read More Maltese Pudina and Barbetta’s


Maltese Cherry Pastini … a special treat for a local feast ! [gluten free, lactose free]

Maltese Cherry Pastini are gluten free and lactose free and incredibly easy to make