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All kinds of burgers – beef, chicken, bean, pork and Maltese Sausage burger recipes

Less time spent in the kitchen is a must in hot sunny Malta in the summer.   I somehow find it easier to stay and prepare easy meals at home especially if it is a family occasion and kids are around. Preparing burgers is easy and burgers are a crowd pleaser.  Most ingredients can be stocked in the kitchen cupboard and freezer.  I use easy-to-find … Read More All kinds of burgers – beef, chicken, bean, pork and Maltese Sausage burger recipes


Less Sugar Chocolate Salami – Easter is coming!

Easter means lots of good chocolate and this is an extremely easy recipe which can be made in minutes.  It freezes well for 3 month. You will need: 200g biscuits of your choice 100g chopped almonds 250g Novi bloc Dark Chocolate 50g unsalted butter 200g dates 6 tablespoons almond milk A splash of Amaretto Icing sugar , for coating Mini Easter Eggs for decorating … Read More Less Sugar Chocolate Salami – Easter is coming!


Mulled wine, and then just finish off with a spoonful of imbuljuta

‘I like to stir a spoonful of imbuljuta, the chestnut and chocolate local Christmas hot drink into mulled wine – and the result  is delicious result’   Mulled Wine 2 oranges, juice and zest of 1 orange grated zest of a lemon 100g sugar or equivalent stevia 6 cloves, plus extra for garnish 1 cinnamon stick A pinch of freshly grated nutmeg a pinch … Read More Mulled wine, and then just finish off with a spoonful of imbuljuta


Healthier Christmas Cake with Olive Oil

Gluten-free, lactose-free and reduced sugar diets are hot topics these days.

The statues of Good Friday

Good Friday  is a very important day on the island and in every parish throughout the afternoon, processions take over most villages and towns.  This tradition is wonderful and very vibrant. Excitement fills the air as the adored statues decorated with fresh flowers emerge into the crowded streets.  Participants dress as Pontus Pilate, soldiers and other characters as they remember the last few hours … Read More The statues of Good Friday


Very quick Chocolate Raspberry Yoghurt Desserts – Easter is coming

This is one of the easiest desserts I can think of and it is based on my grandmother’s bonito which was made with evaporated milk in stead of greek yoghurt. You will need: 500g Novibloc 1 packet of jelly, no added sugar 100ml hot water grated zest of 1 lime 800ml tubs low fat raspberry yoghurt 200g fresh raspberries fresh mint leaves  to garnish … Read More Very quick Chocolate Raspberry Yoghurt Desserts – Easter is coming


Gluten Free Easter Nests

These easy easter treats are ideal to make with kids during the Easter break.  No baking required and they set very quickly and can be decorated with mini easter eggs   Prep Time 10mins Makes 12 nests   150g Novibloc 50g unsalted butter 1 tbsp honey or agave 150g gluten free cornflakes mini Novi Easter eggs Method Break up the chocolate & place it … Read More Gluten Free Easter Nests


Easy Easter Biscuits

Traditional in the UK, these easter biscuits are covered with melted chocolate and it is a great activity to keep kids occupied in the holidays and prepare some home made gifts for friends and family.


Maltese Figolla covered in dark chocolate

Easter is round the corner and its time to start preparing figolli. The recipe I use was passed on to me by Renato Briffa.


oh so colourful in every way, the Maltese Carnival

Maltese carnival week is awaited for by so many. To watch this week’s show click here.   Professor Richard England enjoying ‘When the Saints go marching in’ performed by Adrian Brincat and Ramona Zammit Formosa   Prinjolata and Perlini for our guests by Busy Bee, masks by Posh Party   A book to treasure Our special guest this week, Professor Richard England     … Read More oh so colourful in every way, the Maltese Carnival


Strawberry and Vanilla Valentines Cake

I think there is nothing more thoughtful than appreciating those around us by baking something delicious for them! After all, when we offer a sweet treat, people are more likely to reciprocate with sweetness. Moreover, nowadays Valentine’s, being celebrated today, is not just a lover’s holiday and we seem to be taking our cue from the US, where it is celebrated by everyone: children send Valentine cards to their parents and teachers, friends treat each other to gifts and even co-workers celebrate Valentine’s together and express gratitude for those around them. There is something more romantic and touching about baking a cake for Valentine’s than, for example, individual muffins. The thought of sharing a cake brings everyone together. When it is freshly baked, even before they see it, guests are greeted by the aroma that is only unique to baking.


When vol au vents take centre stage

Vol au vents are easy to make and even easier when you use the ready made packs that are precooked. Valentine’s is a day for entertaining and this is a perfect option for a starter or a little nibble served with drinks.