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Quick oriental style Beef and Broccoli and how to cook perfect Basmati

This is one of the quickest dishes you can possibly prepare. For the best result I cut up the beef into very small pieces and cook it well before adding the other ingredients. Broccoli need to be just barely cooked.

A good pot of Chili

After  Chef Tim Byres visited Malta, a  I followed his Texan tip and added espresso to my chili. You have to try it. The depth of flavor that the espresso adds to the chili is incredible. I use cannellini beans instead of kidney to blend in with the pale colour of pork. You will need: 75g bacon, finely chopped 500g minced pork or lean … Read More A good pot of Chili


Homemade Burgers

Making burgers from scratch allows you to put exactly what you like into your burgers. Lean meat that is still juicy and moist after it is cooked and the best way to do this is to ask your Butcher to help you with your choice. You can also opt for the less traditional burgers and use ground rabbit or veal. Hamburgers are associated with … Read More Homemade Burgers