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Lets bake eclairs!

The perfect recipe, perfect always without fail with thanks to Renato Briffa :


Quick Everyday Meal: Broccoli and Hazelnut Pasta Shell Bake

This is a healthy pasta dish, shells filled with a mix of broccoli, hazelnuts and ricotta and baked in the oven to make a surprisingly light dish.


Hot Cross Buns

Traditional hot cross buns with yeast are a must on Good Friday and when they are homemade they are even more special.


Pastini !

I asked Renato to provide me with his recipe for Pastini. He is always willing to share his vast knowledge of local sweets and pastries and I am surprised as this is such an easy recipe with very few ingredients. Citrus, almonds, a moist soft texture with a fine crispy crust….. They are so easy to make and although I have piped them, you … Read More Pastini !


Kwarezimal for Lent, egg free with no added fat

These are my very favorite local sweets. They are traditionally eaten at Lent and are easy and quick to make with wonderful flavors.  This recipe completely egg free with no added fats. Known as Kwarezimal, the word derives from quaresima for the 40 days of lent and the ingredients in it reflect repentance and giving up the luxuries of eggs and fat. I make … Read More Kwarezimal for Lent, egg free with no added fat


Morning in the City and Carnival Afghans (Egg Free)

I spent  a day in the City with a great friend. My bake of today is topped with sugared almonds or Perlini and not a premature Easter recipe. We are celebrating  carnival week on the island and perlini are as much associated with Carival as is prinjolata. Sitting in my favorite cafe with an espresso brings back memories of my childhood.  This was ‘the … Read More Morning in the City and Carnival Afghans (Egg Free)


Maltese Pudina and Barbetta’s

‘A visit to a very old bakery in the village of Zejtun prompted me to bake this old fashioned Maltese chocolate pudding [Pudina] that my grandmother, like most frugal Maltese and Gozitan grandmothers, used to make. It was an economical cake, the way to use up stale bread and all the bits and pieces in the kitchen store cupboard. As with most Maltese sweet … Read More Maltese Pudina and Barbetta’s


Easy Strawberry Frangipane with a gluten free option

Frangipan is a baked almond cream usually used to fill tarts.

My frangipan today is a soft, moist cake, alone with no tart case or heavy topping, simply topped with fresh strawberries before baking and you can use any fruit. Its amazingly light and delicious if eaten fresh on the same day, although it does keep for a week in an airtight container and remains moist


Banana Yoghurt Bread or Muffins with no added fats

This is a cake with no added fats. It is a moist all-in-one cake, my type of cake, completely hassle-free to make. And banana bread is such a great way to use up all the over ripe fruit. I also add the juice of one lemon and it retains a very good

Gluten free Greek honey and fig Cheesecake….. using myzithra or ricotta

I made a light cheesecake, baked custard and cake all in one, my day of trying out new recipes in the hotel. It is also gluten free as we use cornstarch instead of flour, just a fabulous recipe…. I added figs and honey this time and the tasting bit is always the best part…silky, smooth yet a cakey texture with a defined honey flavor… … Read More Gluten free Greek honey and fig Cheesecake….. using myzithra or ricotta


A unique tart with Jujube and Pomegranate

How can I describe the flavor? It is like eating the best tasting apple with a caramel undertone. This is the jujube, the Korean, Chinese or Indian date …. a pop-in-the-mouth morsel full of flavor.
A very unusual fruit and quite delicious, yet I find I am unable to eat too many…. In Texas Jujube has become very trendy recently and is being cultivated and sold as a dried health food.

Quick meals: Baked crustless Ricotta and roasted vegetable salad

As the evening approaches, the weather is cooling down slightly and there is a gentle breeze. The summers here bring abundant fresh fruit and vegetables and for tonight I am using fresh ingredients with reduced cooking time to retain all the flavors and goodness. I am preparing baked crustless ricotta in earthenware dishes, a salad of roasted vegetables with local limes and olive oil … Read More Quick meals: Baked crustless Ricotta and roasted vegetable salad