Lea is a popular TV Chef, food columnist and broadcaster. Β She hosts a daily live tv cooking show and the photos on this blog are unstaged and have been taken while she cooks live and chats with her audience.

Her work appears on a wide range of publications in both English and Maltese.

She champions local farming and sustainable agriculture and the use of fresh local produce. Β This is evident in her work andΒ whenever possible food is cooked fresh, every day and is left as close as possible to its natural state.




‘I live on a tiny island in the heart of the Mediterranean blessed with so much. Β An island where the sun shines nearly every day of the year, an island that is surrounded by the bluest sea. Β 

Food is naturally abundant and the sun brings out the best flavors to the fresh locally sourced ingredients which I use. I believe in freshly cut where possible, from the tree straight into the pan with as little manipulation as possible. This retains all the natural flavors as they are meant to be and makes a great difference to the food we eat, without any need of too many enhancements. My photos are unstaged, taken during a live tv show. Although I appreciate the work that has gone into food that is staged, photos that are too artificially manipulated, I like to present my work as it really is.’

Email leahogg1@gmail.com for recipe development, blogging, food styling, food and culture journalism and cooking lessons.

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