Technology Insights – The 4th Industrial Revolution Decoded

Professor Alexiei Dingli shares his insights into technology trends that are shaping the future.

Whether you embrace, or recoil from it, technology features in almost everything we do. It’s inextricably linked to the betterment of our
lives and prosperity. It gives us access to information and makes communications, transactions, learning and a host
of other tasks easier and more efficient.

No one foresaw Covid nor did anyone predict the speed and extent to which technology would be developed to address the post Covid reality. Businesses accelerated digital transformation automating processes and using the ‘gig economy’s,’ digital platforms to connect contract workers with customers to supply short-term services.

Social distancing forced us to learn how to be productive remotely resulting in a fundamental and irreversible change to the workforce model. In future, a hybrid of remote and socially interactive work will be the norm.

‘Twin technology’ or digital copies of machines allows remote operation, diagnostics, and analysis. Soon virtual
replicas of factories, even cites are expected. Using AI and the ‘big data’ gathered, exponential innovation will result.

‘Natural language processing’ or low-code platforms, democratize technology giving us the capability to improve or
create tech solutions on our own.

‘Block Chains’ are just one of a variety of Multiparty Systems’ (MPS) which share data between people and
companies in a way that improves efficiency and will fast track the creation of alternative revenue and business models.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) if used nefariously, as the Cambridge Analytica scandal illustrated, can influence our
thoughts and actions. Used legitimately however the benefits are boundless. From automation, research, complex
problem solving. to freeing us from repetitive tasks.

Watch the full interview with Professor Alexiei Dingli via this link.

Prof Alexiei Dingli is Founder of HumAIn Ltd and a renowned AI, Innovation and Digital Transformation
Consultant, Author & Speaker. He is Professor-Applied Artificial Intelligence, University of Malta
and holds a B.Sc.IT (Hons)(Melit.) a Ph.D (Sheffield) and an M.B.A. (Grenoble)

5 responses to “Technology Insights – The 4th Industrial Revolution Decoded”

  1. Most interesting

  2. Technology like AI and robotics is a two-edged sword — they help us and harm us.

    1. Advancement in Technology is the future, although I get your point. Thank you !

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