The Humanitarian crisis in Venezuela Today

Mariela Magallanes is a legitimate elected Deputy of the National Assembly in Venezuela and lives in Italy.  She co-ordinates all deputies in exile from Venezuela and is instrumental in negotiating the process for the National Salvation Agreement.   During her recent visit to Malta, she thanked everyone for supporting the struggle for democracy in Venezuela and explained that Malta was included in the European tour to raise awareness to the deteriorating situation with a view to finding a peaceful and democratic solution to legitimize the Presidency of Juan Guaido.

Milagro Valero says that in Venezuela people are afraid and they are fighting for democracy and a better life.  Although the exit from this situation may seem remote, she believes that they are getting closer to a solution to restore democracy in Venezuela.
Felipe Z Carles, Special Representative of Venezuela to Malta thanked Malta and the Maltese for receiving so many Venezuelans in exile.   The longer Maduro remains in power,  this complex humanitarian emergency will become more serious. Venezuelans in-exile live in fear of acts of remorse towards their families still residing in the country.

Part 1 – Restoring Democracy in Venezuela

Part 2 – Restoring Democracy in Venezuela

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