Ivan Bartolo’s Foodbank in Mosta

A few weeks ago I visited Ivan Bartolo at his home in the centre of Mosta. He explained how every first Saturday of the month he opens the doors of his home to the public, for those in need, especially during these difficult times of COVID-19, people who are not only feeling the pinch but are finding themselves in a very difficult situation, surprisingly sometimes, not even having enough money to pay for their basic food needs.

Ivan is devoted to helping others and providing those who do not have the luxury of any basic privileges one may take foregranted in life. He believes that providing food is a very short term solution and that most problems needs to be tackled to ease each individual out of their hardship in the long term.  Therefore he has teamed up with therapist Alexandra Genovese and together with his strong and industrious team they run the Mosta foodbank very efficiently.

Below is part 3 of a series of programmes which we produced recently and which aired on tv. Should you have a business and are able to make a contribution to Ivan’s foodbank, please make contact via this blog or by whats ap on 00-356 79629259.  It is important to help others, from any walk of life.  This is not a political initiative but one of empathy and goodwill.

Ivan welcomes all his vistors with a cup of tea !

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