The Trump Campaign – An Analysis why it went wrong

What went wrong in the Trump campaign?  Professor Michael Cohen, a specialist in modern political campaigns and Hon Kristy Debono, Shadow Economy Minister, analyse the contrast between the two campaigns.


‘The Trump campaign never really understood what the electorate was really focused on.  The campaign never had a good enough message on how it was going to manage Covid-19.  The Republicans also took their eye off the ball and did not spend enough time on certain States and the kind of things they needed to do in those States to win.

I would never have guessed that Facebook and Twitter banned the President of the United States from using these platforms.  It is remarkable that the campaign that he ran was so message-disjointed and got him 74 million votes. 

This shows that in the United States there is an evident polarisation in the electorate. 

It has been reported that Donald Trump is thinking of a comeback.  The next Congressional election is in two years and if that goes well for the Republicans, that would be an opening for Donald Trump to come back and the same would apply to the Senate.

The Democrats had an extraordinarily disciplined campaign.  They raised a lot of money by bringing on Vice President Harris to the ticket which helped with fundraising.   The Democrats did not do door-to-door campaigning unlike the republicans.  They kept COVID-19 very central in their campaign and thats what made a difference.  The 81 million votes gained by the Democrats is lower than what you would find in a normal campaign. They would have got 7 to 8 million more votes had they done the door-to-door campaigning but they respected the COVID-19 measures in their campaign.

President Biden is trying to bring us back to a traditional way of politics.  The Republicans have not figured out what to do yet.  What you are seeing in the United States now is two steps forward and one step back.’ [you can watch the interview via this link]

Professor Michael Cohen, Specialist in Modern Political Campigns 

‘I believe that the American people were in a situation where they wished to vote Trump off.  It did not necessarily have to be Biden in the opposition.  I liked the Trump campaign but not Trump – he was the odd one out.  After the incident of Capitol Hill, everyone was dumbstruck and no one would expect that America would have been led by such a controversial and scandalous person.  

There are millions of people who follow Trump’s principals across the globe. However if you are a Republican, it does not mean that you agree with Donald Trump. He gained more votes than he gained in the first election that he ran.  

The media was in the favour of the Biden Harris campaign across the globe.

Biden was slipping at the end of the campaign and seemed to become more forgetful and sometimes appeared unprepared towards the end of the campaign.  The message was clear that America did not want another 4 years of Trump.

After the Capitol Hill incident, Donald Trump lost a significant part of of his loyal commentators including Fox News and Piers Morgan.  Vice President Michael Pence distanced himself from Trump.  I would have thought Donald Trump would make a comeback but after the Capitol Hill incident, I find it extremely hard to imagine that Donald Trump would be strong enough for a comeback.

He changed the face of America and of politics in general around the world.  He was too aggressive and divisive’ [you can watch the interview via this link]

Hon Kristy Debono, Shadow Minister of Economy


Click here to watch : The Trump campaign – what went wrong? An analysis by Professor Michael Cohen and Hon Kristy Debono – YouTube

Professor Michael Cohen is is the founder and publisher of ‘Congress in Your Pocket’, an award-winning suite of political directories for mobile devices. He is professor of digital strategy in modern political campaigns at Johns Hopkins University and the University of California’s Washington DC Center. Professor Cohen served as Director of the Political Management Program for the Graduate School of Political Management GSPM at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. His book entitled Modern Political Campaigns, will be available this year from Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. He also co-authored a book about social media and the 2016 presidential campaign. Professor Cohen has been names as an influential ‘Mover and Shaker’ by Campaigns & Elections Magazine. Professor Cohen’s work has appeared on The New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News, CNN and Fox News.

Hon Kristy Debono is Shadow Economy Minister and a member of the Maltese Parliament, elected from the 9th District with the Nationalist Party. She was first elected to Parliament in 2013 and during the last general election in 2017 she was the only female politician to exceed the quota of first count votes.

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  1. salsaworldtraveler Avatar

    The problem with the Trump campaign was Trump and fours years of catering solely to his base which is a minority of the population and angering the majority. Though it appears Trump never cared about actually winning the election. He thought he could remain in power without wining the vote (electoral and popular).

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