Behind the scenes with Make Up Artist Chris Attard

Chris Attard is the man behind the beautiful faces on many local magazine covers.

Here is what Chris has to say about his experience with the cover girls. 

‘I have worked with a number of Maltese celebrities.  It was a wonderful experience working with, for example, Rachel Vella and Jacqui Losco.  The way we work together is always very collaborative I am always ready for any eventuality, up to using the booth of a car instead of my make up studio. I also love fashion week which is hectic and always an opportunity for me to get together with other make up artists I admire.  Each event is a learning curve.

Beauty comes from within. I am a classic make up artist. I like to get to know someone’s character and enhance their image reflecting their personality.’

Chris shares some of the secrets of his success.

‘When you feel the features of someone with your hands, you can be more precise.  It is a technique which I favour.

I was always creative and loved art. When I was a child I watched my mother drawing and painting and art was all around me.  With make up it is important for me to keep a sense of proportion and balance.  Once you apply foundation with your hands you know exactly where the blusher should go to complement the cheekbones.’

Nominated a number of times at Malta Fashion week, you can find out more about Chris’ work via his pages and watch his full interview in Maltese via this link.

4 responses to “Behind the scenes with Make Up Artist Chris Attard”

  1. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone as talented as Chris reinvent your facial features?
    Great article.

    1. Thank you. Chris’ work is amazing.

  2. Wow love this post! Your pics are lovely! really enjoy your blog. Followed you and can’t wait to see your next post! xx

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