The Second impeachment and what is the next step?

‘There are multiple ongoing investigations. What has happened last week is simply not fully known yet. The next step is for the Senate to decide whether to convict or not. After this decision, if we have a conviction in particular, another consideration is going to be whether to take extra measures and for example bar those found responsible from political office in the future. There isn’t any  automatic kind of sanction that comes with conviction on impeachment charges. Interestingly this decision does not require a two thirds majority that is necessary for conviction but a simple majority can accomplish that.’

Professor Niko Passas

‘The events we experienced in the last few days in Washington were very upsetting, not just for Americans but also for those that have democracy at heart around the world. One cannot draw any conclusions as how these events will effect democracy in the US and other parts of the world. Trump’s political career is now over.’

Hon Dr Hermann Schiavone

‘The US is a country where millions of people throughout the centuries fought for democracy. What we have experienced during the past 4 years is one of the most anti-democratic stances that people can go through. It could not be worse. The person responsible for this violence was Donald Trump. Listening to Donald Trump yesterday evening, after Nancy Pelosi read out the impeachment bill from Congress, he clearly tries to portray himself as a saint.’

Dr Edward Debono

You can watch the tv interview with Professor Nikos Passas via this link 

and in Maltese with Hon Dr Hermann Schiavone via this link.

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