Positive start for new year with Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine

Professor Mark Brincat joined our current affairs briefing with an update on the Oxford Astra Zeneca Vaccine and the new COVID-19 strains.

‘The Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine is easier to store and it is far cheaper at around Euros 3 per jab.   The two vaccines, Pfizer and the Oxford Astra Zeneca can supplement each other.  We need to vaccinate 70% of our population.  The vaccine is still ahead of the mutations that have occurred.  Roll out in Malta is highly organised.  The only worry is that the demand is much higher than the supply at the moment.   We will see for the first time a proper fight against the virus.  Antibodies are being produced in laboratories and there are new treatments that are specific to the coronavirus now.   The vaccine has theoretically not shown any side effects so far. No short cuts were taken with the production of these vaccines and a vast amount of money was spent to rush their approval.   My message for the new year is that we will come out of this.  However we still have to be careful with sanitising and mask wearing and it will take about another 6 months to start feeling safe.  Overall this is very good news for a new year’.

Professor Mark Brincat

Watch Professor Mark Brincat’s briefing in English via this link.

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