Visiting Mario Magri, a pig breeder in the village of Qrendi

During a recent visit to a farm in Qrendi, an idyllic location just across from the ‘Capella tal-Madonna tal-Hniena’, I met with pig breeder Mario Magri.

‘We have had this farm in the family for a long time.  My grandfather started with pig breeding, then my father and now the farm is jointly managed by myself and my brother.   In 1979 we had the African Swine Fever and after that we gradually became more established and licensed the farm.  It is hard work, keeping the place clean and looking after the pig’s health.   We are small producers and this is why we can tend to the pigs with such care and attention.  We have 30 pigs on this family farm but we also grow fruit and vegetables.  I look after the production of fresh pork and my brother looks after the vegetables and fruit.   In season now is kohlrabi, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and strawberries.  I encourage people to buy local produce and keep our industry alive.  It is important for our heritage and furthermore the traceability of the food chain is transparent, literally from farm to fork.  You cannot get fresher and better than our local pork in Malta – it is simply superior in every way’

Mario Magri, farmer and local pig breeder

People are choosing imported pork from farms with lower welfare standards and this may mean cheaper meat – there is a danger that Maltese pig farmers may go out of business. Support local produce and choose local.
Local fresh pork is available directly from the pig breeders and door to door delivery is free of charge. You can place your order by visiting the website, sending an email via or by phoning 21236340.

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