Smiling with Jerome for Christmas

Jerome passed away three years ago after a battle with cancer for 4 years. He was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at the age of 16.

Jerome was known for his positive attitude and determination to help others.

His mother Josette Frendo set up the NGO Smiling with Jerome.

She hopes to raise money this Christmas as a joint effort with MKSA [Media and Knowledge Sciences Association]¬† to raise funds to support ‘Chemo Bags of Hope’ for patients undergoing chemotherapy and to provide some days out for people who are caring for members of their family with life threatening illness or disability.

You can watch part of the recent tv programme via this link.

To support Smiling with Jerome you can make contact directly with Josette Frendo on 00356 99872002 or MKSA on 00 356 79303999.

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