Climate news update with Assaad Razzouk


During this week’s current affairs update in English we linked up with Assaad Razzouk for this week’s climate news update.

Assaad’s comments on the impact of air pollution on health and risks to the vulnerable:

‘There have been three scientific studies released in the last few months which show that the corona virus is actually worse when the air pollution is bad.  Public health will be incredibly well served if we switch our buses, cars and scooters to electric ones.   Anything that burns oil, gas and coal.  If we switch our buses and cars from petrol and diesel to electric ones.  All of these options are very price competitive now and they become incredibly cheap once you price the benefit to public health in them which we don’t usually do.   An electric car today is almost as competitive as petrol car without pricing the negative public health impact of petrol car in the equation.’ Click here for full interview

Assaad’s views on plastic and disposable masks:

‘We need to stop all kinds of single use plastic and what happened with masks during the corona virus pandemic is completely scandalous because we are flooded with cheap, single use masks which are turning into pollution and we are today eating and breathing micro-plastic and it is is very simple.  We need to stop used all sorts of single-use plastic.  They are being banned or taxed in approximately 40 countries around the world and that will drive down our use of oil, gas and coal.  Nearly every plastic product we use has a substitute with the exception of high-tech medical equipment but that is one or two percent of global plastic.  So we can get rid of plastic globally and that is going to need a lot of effort’ Click here for full interview.

Assaad Razzouk, CEO and Chairman, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources, Podcast Host of The Angry Clean Energy Guy

You can watch the full interview via this link. 

Assaad Razzouk is Chairman and CEO of Sindicatum Renewable Energy, a clean energy company headquartered in Singapore financing, building and operating renewable energy projects around the world. He is host of the podcast The Angry Clean Energy Guy

2 responses to “Climate news update with Assaad Razzouk”

  1. I think that the cases of Kenya and Rwand plastic ban go to show that it is absolutely possible to do without single use plastic bags. Also, hmm hadn’t thought about all these cheap single use face masks and their impact on the environment. That will be a big problem soon.

    1. Thank you for your comment, we need to use alternatives to disposable cheap facemasks

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