Pig Breeding in the limits of San Blas in Zebbug, Malta

Pig Farming Malta

The Co-Operative of Pork Breeders in Malta is made up of ninety family-run farms.

I visited farmer Mario Abela who  is also President of the Co-Operative.

Mario says 'I had a small farm in Rabat and wished to invest in a larger farm.  I started buying land in the area of San Blas in the limits  of the village of Zebbug some 18 years ago.  Today we have about 2000 pigs here.   We do not have an easy life.  Competition from cheaper, and many times more inferior imported produce has made it very tough for the agricultural industry in Malta and Gozo.   

In my role as President of the Co-Operative, other farmers seek my guidance and assistance when they face any problems.  My message is to plead to everyone to ask for local produce.  It is important for the agricultural industry to survive in Malta and Gozo.'
Mario Abela, President KIM’s.

Watch my visit to Mario Abela’s farm and learn more about the pig breeders and local produce in Malta and Gozo via this link.

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