Dating and romance during COVID-19 and the impact on consumer behaviour – Professor Anna Macready


'The way we look for partners and meet partners has changed drastically.  

There is a fear of catching COVID-19 and this has brought an upsurge in online dating.   Older daters were resistant at first to dating online.   87% of older daters were going to wait until after the pandemic to start dating again but changed their minds after a few months.

The positives are that we have a much longer time until we have to meet in person and no one has to pay for a dinner when you first go on your date and you can take time to build a relationship.

With regards to consumer markets For example there has been a slump in demand of cut flowers and there is a slump in demand and another example is that  a temporary slump is reported in the lingerie market.'
Professor Anna Macready 


You can watch this week’s tv interview with Professor Anna Macready via this link.

Dr Anna Macready is Associate Professor of Consumer Behaviour and Marketing at the University of Reading. A psychologist and public health nutritionist with 16 years industry experience, Anna currently teaches human motivation, behaviour change and a range of topics in consumer research and marketing. Her research includes consumer psychology, currently focusing on consumer trust, food waste and personalised nutrition.

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