COVID-19 update in Malta – virology, family health and mental issues – 17 October 2020

Watch via this link in English and Maltese

Maghkom Current Affairs Lea Hogg

‘We are now getting increased hospital admission including to the Intensive Care Unit from a younger age group [30 to 40 year olds].  Today there is some evidence that the virus is also airborne’

Dr Chris Barbara, Chairman of the Pathology Department, Mater Dei Hospital

‘This year more than previous years, I highly recommend the influenza vaccine.   You cannot get ill from the vaccine.   Kids especially, the elderly and those with comorbidity should get the influenza jab but ideally it is recommended for everyone’

Dr Christopher Deguara, Family Physician

‘Mental health issues are on the increase as COVID-19 has brought on an increase in fear and anxiety.   In addition the amount of alcohol that is being consumed worldwide has increased as a result of the corona virus outbreak.’

Dr Joe Cassar, Psychiatrist

Watch via this link in English and Maltese

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