Celebrating Autumn the Chinese way

I love the tradition of celebrating autumn, all around the world.  The Harvest festivals in the UK, San Martin in Malta but the Chinese Moon Festival to celebrate the autumn and the beautifully crafted moon cakes fascinated me.

Mr Yang gifts me some moon cakes to celebrate the autumn

And I was lucky to be gifted a box of delicious nutty mooncakes by Mr Yang at the China Cultural Centre.  We featured the festival on tv this week and you can also see how they are made via this link.

And this is what Mr Yang has to say about this festival:

Mid-autumn is the harvest season, and abundant crops are nature’s reward for a year’s hard work. The Mid-Autumn Festival, with its iconic full moon, embodies people’s longing for a family reunion.  Mid-Autumn Festival is part of the annual cycle, illustrating the concept of “unity of man and nature” from ancient China, a celebration of happiness and contentment.  Mid-Autumn Festival originates in China but is celebrated around the world. We share the moon, the earth, and human civilization itself. We wish each other a long and happy life to share the beautiful moonlight, even though we may be miles apart.

Mr Yang, China Cultural Centre, Malta

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