Covid-19 Update by Professor Mark Brincat this week

I recommended on the eve of the airport opening here on the same tv show that we should be testing at the airports before they board or as soon as they land  in the departure lounge – and the advice was not taken.   The Minster of Tourism’s interview on BBC where we were told that there were ‘protocols in place’.  It turns out that protocols were not in place and the interviewers on BBC were very skeptical that our health system is robust enough.  Her interview raised eyebrows straight away.   We did not expect the mass party events happening and people insisting that these mass parties should go on.  Protection measures were not in place and they went against the advice of our Ministry of Health and the Superintendent of Public Health. ‘

Professor Mark Brincat

You can watch Professor Brincat’s interview via this link.

Earlier this month with Professor Mark Brincat and Warren Zahra prior to airport opening

mark brincat warren zahra lea


And here is Dr Vincent Marmara’s update during this week’s tv show.

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