Malta International Airport Opening after COVID-19 Lockdown

The topic of this week’s current affairs programme is the opening of the Malta International Airport and the easing of lockdown with Professor Mark Brincat, Warren Zahra representing the Hospitality Industry, Professor Colin Lawrence and Christian Hunt joining from London with risk assessments.

mark brincat warren zahra lea

‘The industry is very much looking forward to the airport opening and having the first arrivals into Malta.  The protocols are in place and I have worked very hard to ensure that people’s safety is paramount.  People come here to relax and enjoy their stay and we have worked to ensure that they can do that and keep safe at the same time’

Warren Zahra


‘I would liked to see more science applied.  I welcome the opening of the airport.  We have successfully contained our infection rate.  People were careful, the nature of disease and perhaps our genetics were a reason of its successful containment.  Most people had their infections traced back to Italy.   To be honest when we open up, I would favour testing people a bit more’

Professor Mark Brincat


‘I agree with Professor Brincat and Mr Zarha.  I think it is compulsory to continue the testing and also I believe that you have to continue with masks and social distancing.   As an example we can look at the mistakes in the United States, particularly in the States like Florida and Arizona where you don’t necessarily have a concentration of people but where the virus has spread.  You have to ensure that you have a testing regime in place.  You need to be cautiously optimistic and ensure that the testing regime is accompanied by good leadership.  We have a long way to go and should not be overly optimistic’

Professor Colin Lawrence


‘I think one of the challenges is that people carry the virus.  You don’t know who is carrying the virus.  Even if you have people who are behaving incredibly responsible and doing the right thing, they may still be asymptomatic.    You need to catch the spread of the virus before it becomes severe as one single person can cause a major problem.  And you cannot rely on people to do the right thing but the authorities need to be able to track it’

Christian Hunt

You can watch the  first part of the programme from this link.

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