Coffee Gateau [no bake]

This is one of my memories of Malta as a child, a recipe shared by a teacher at school, our first attempts at ‘cooking’.  Then we went abroad and I really never came across it in this format anywhere else but on my return, so many years later, discovered that it is an old time favourite of many families, with different twists adapted to give that individual touch.

It is quick to make and best to leave in the fridge overnight, needs no baking and this is certainly not one of my healthy recipes, but once in a while, everyone needs a treat they love.

You will need:

4 tablespoons of instant coffee
80g sugar [if you have a very sweet tooth top up the sweetness with stevia]
100g margarine
2 tablespoons chocolate powder
2 tins of nestle cream
a generous shot of brandy or use a coffee liquer
4 packets Morning Coffee biscuits

For the top:  Another tin of nestle cream and lots of chopped hazelnuts

Prepare the instant coffee by adding hot water to the coffee powder.

In a mixer beat the sugar and margarine until the mixture turns white and appears light in texture.   Add the chocolate powder, making sure it has no lumps in it    Then add the cream, brandy and chocolate liquor and mix for a minute or two on medium speed ensuring that you do not overmix as it tends to curdle otherwise.

Prepare a container with non stick spray.  Dunk the biscuits into the coffee and cover the bottom of the dish with a layer of biscuits.   Top with a thin layer of the cream mixture.   Repeat the process, a layer of biscuits soaked in coffee alternating with a layer of cream mixture until you have used up the ingredients.   Place in the fridge overnight

coffee gateau 3

An hour before serving, spread a tin of nestle cream on the top, some grated chocolate and scatter generously with a layer of roughly chopped hazelnuts.  Return to the fridge and serve when needed.

strawberry coffee gateau
You can add your own twist, another example here, no chocolate with the cream and layers of fresh strawberries

I use hazelnuts by Lamb Brand

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