Covid-19 Risk Assessments – Dr Colin Lawrence and Christian Hunt

Governments must be prepared for risks.  In the UK we have two sets of policies,  Brexit and Covid and both are not being done by the Government in the best possible way.  The government were not in a position to mitigate the risks that occurred with COVID-19.  You can only open up markets when people feel safe.   I believe economic growth is going to be much slower.   I’m hoping I’m wrong.  Its a lack of understanding of people’s confidence and so on’

Dr Colin Lawrence

Dr Colin Lawrence

The virus is spread by people.  So we have an interesting challenge.  We need to influence human decision making.  Its not just the case to say to people – ‘do this !’.  We are naturally social, we like to engage with other people, we don’t like to be spied upon.   What we are seeing globally is probably the biggest behavioural experiment ever.   If you see other people breaking the rules, you are likely to break the rules yourself.   There is a contagion issue around behaviour as well.  It is a complicated and fascinating challenge for governments.’
christian hunt

Christian Hunt






You can watch Dr Colin Lawrence and Christian Hunt here during a current affairs programme on COVID-19


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