Catching up with His Excellency Dimitrious Tsoungas on Orthodox Easter and COVID-19 in Greece

On the occasion of Orthodox Easter, we caught up with the Ambassador of Greece, Dimitrious G Tsoungas who spoke about how the 800 Greek residents in Malta will be celebrating Easter this weekend and also gave an update on the status of the COVID-19 outbreak in Greece.

Dimitrious Tsoungas
His Excellency The Ambassador of Greece, Dimitrious G Tsoungas

I think that in Greece we are doing rather well, with a few other countries like Malta for example, and the Greek Government passed on the responsibility to the medical experts.   The Government took very strict measures since 28 February when we had our first victim.  Social distancing and lockdown took place.  A lot of retired doctors were called back and medical students volunteered and therefore the spreading of the virus was controlled from the beginning.  No more than 10% of the Intensive Care Beds were used at any time.   We have had 2224 cases and 108 fatalities.  Compared with a population of 11 million, these statistics are not bad. ..’


HE Dimitrious G Tsoungas, Ambassador of Greece to Malta

You can watch the rest of the interview here

Dimitrious Tsoungas 2
Presenting his credentials to the President of Malta in March 2019


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