Wuhan – where it all started

A couple of months ago this was one of those distant nightmares you hear about on international news sites, like those natural disasters that happen in faraway places.  This is where the nightmare started, on the verge of a possible outbreak here,  at our doorstep today.


Time no is not a luxury we  have right now and being vigilant is all we can do.  Yet after the darkness, the sun will shine again.

Hope, pray and look ahead for the good times to be with us again.

Here today, it is a wonderful sunny day, perhaps a false paradise.

malta march 2020

We are all waiting for what is yet to come, significant challenging weeks or months ahead, no matter which part of the world we are in.  In order to tackle this virus, we have a responsibility to act and every person can help to prevent the spread of this disease and save lives.

Washing hands is still the most significant and essential thing we can do.

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