Happy Christmas and the ’22’ kiddies

Serbian children lea

We welcomed some of the ’22’ Serb children  during this week’s special Christmas Edition TV Show.   They joined children from Maltese schools and we had christmas carols with Amy Marie Borg and Yvette Grixti and Christmas Story Time with Professor Victor Grech.

Today the number is growing rapidly and TCN families of other nationalities are receiving rejection letters everyday to reject their children who are already on the island.

According to Dr Shazoo Ghaznavi, this is an old EU law dating back to 2003 and it establishes the parameters for Third Country Nationals coming to work within any of the EU countries.

The sponsors are the parents.  They need to have proof of accommodation, a regular and stable income as well as health insurance.  This law is not limited to Malta.

Dr Shazoo Ghaznavi says

the law that has been adapted by Identity Malta is incorrect.  The original EU law recommends that these families have a minimum wage.  In Malta, the minimum wage would be Euros 9440 per year but the income requirement for TCN families is now that of an average wage which has been set by Identity Malta as Euros 19500 per household  plus Euros 2000 per dependent in the household.

This amount has been established by Identity Malta and there is no record when this amount was changed.

If the minimum wage is good enough for Maltese families who may have one or two children, why is the law different for TCN families ?

Dr Shazoo Ghaznavi

Would you consider buying this beautiful book , the full proceeds of which will go to support the Archbishop’s fund to help these families and their children.

Oliver Friggieri: Sketches and Poems is available from Edwards Lowell Concept Store in Portomaso [all proceeds from the book are in aid of the non profit work of Professor Victor Grech ]

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  1. Merry Christmas! 🌲

    1. Happy Holidays to you Dave 🙂

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