What’s in season in late October?

Just checking out the fresh produce that seasonal this month, whats new in the market and the best  budget buys on the islands.

It is important when we use fruit and vegetables in recipes to use it fresh.  It makes a difference in the taste.  So best to buy small quantities and more often and this also avoids waste.

The budget buy this week is cauliflower [at Euros 1.20 for 3 from Oscar’s Fruit and Vegetables ]  and I will be posting some recipes to make the most of them.

I love the crispiness when they are fresh so much so they make a wonder snack on the side to nibble throughout the day.  However freshness is key.

pomegranate and vegetables

Late harvest of local pomegranates, they may appear pale on the outside but the seeds are bright red, sweet, juicy and succulent.

Of course we are starting the Maltese citrus season, oranges, lemons and those lovely clementines and tangerines. I love tangerine or clementine zest for adding to my baking recipes, cakes, desserts and Maltese sweet. They impart a really special flavour.

Maltese Citrus
Maltese citrus season is here again

Ask your greengrocer for more information about the produce you are buying !

There is this month also a huge variety of onions, from regular white and purple onions and local spring onions and leeks [Basal tar-rebbiegħa / kurrat] are abundant. I like to use these three different types of onions in the same recipe as each one gives a different flavour and the combination in the same dish is nearly like rounding off the taste on different tones.

I’m seeing a lot of the garlic now too with huge cloves.  I just love these as it saves  you a lot of time from the fiddly work of peeling the tiny cloves.

seasonal fruit oscar november.jpg

And my new ingredient this week is bitter melon, so popular in India and Pakistan and all from the countries in the East. We will very soon be making some recipes and learning how to use them more and integrate them into our local diet.


I believe it is important to use seasonal local vegetables whenever possible.

My fresh fruit and vegetables are from Oscar's Fruit and Vegetables in Paola


2 responses to “What’s in season in late October?”

  1. I’ve seen bitter melon at my market but I usually just walk past it. Im going to have to just give it a try!

    1. Its always more difficult when you do not know what to do with it 🙂

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