A simple ricotta and almond base for any fruit tart

This is the quickest way to make a simple base for a fruit tart and once it has cooled down to pile it with your favourite fresh fruit in season.  Scatter some nuts, drizzle honey or agave and you will make it again and again.

I use ready made short crust pastry and for the filling you will need:

500g ricotta
200g ground almonds
100g sugar or equivalent in stevia or 4 tablespoons honey  or agave
2 eggs
grated zest of half a lemon
grated zest of half an orange
a pinch of salt
[2 extra tablespoons ground almonds and 1 beaten egg]

To decorate: Piles of your favourite fresh fruit, nuts and more honey or agave

Preheat the oven to 180 C.

simple ricotta tart 3

Put the ground almonds in a large bowl

simple ricotta tart 4

Add the honey or agave or sugar or stevia and a pinch of salt
simple ricotta tart 5

Add the citrus zest and vanilla
simple ricotta tart 6

Add the eggs
simple ricotta tart 7

Add the ricotta
simple ricotta tart 8

Use a fork to mash the ricotta and combine the ingredients together.  Keep the mixture aside.
Simple Ricotta tart 1

Scatter some ground almonds on a baking tray covered with baking paper.
simple ricotta tart 2

Place the ready made pastry on top of the baking tray and scatter some more ground almonds [to avoid sogginess]
simple ricotta tart 9

Place the ricotta mixture over the top of the pastry
simple ricotta tart 9a

Spread the ricotta mixture over the top leaving 3 cm around the edge of the pastry
simple ricotta tart 9b

Beat an egg to brush the edges and top of the pastry.
simple ricotta tart 9c

Brush the edge of the pastry with beaten egg.
simple ricotta tart 9d

Seal the edges of the pastry and brush with beaten egg.
simple ricotta tart 9e

Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 45 minutes
simple ricotta tart 9f

Ready to eat or pile up with fruit, nuts and drizzle with honey or agave


Simple Ricotta and almond tart base-1


I use Irkotta by Hanini

Irkotta 1 (2)
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