Green Lentil, Parsley and Lime Soup with Soft Gozitan Gibna

Green lentils keep their texture and have a richer flavour than the orange variety.  For this soup I use a hand held blender [pulse setting] to puree the soup lightly and the final result has a mix of whole green and pureed lentils.

lentil soup 4

It is very quick to prepare, no chopping and served with a Gozitan fresh goat’s milk gibna, it makes a very satisfying one-dish meal.

Lentil soup 1

You will need:

250g green lentils
3 medium potatoes
4 medium size carrots
1/2 onion, peeled
1 vegetarian stock cube
1 can chopped tomatoes
1 tablespoon lime juice
4 tablespoons chopped parsley
Start with 2 litres water and top it up as it cooks
Salt and Pepper

To finish off:

1 Hanini Gibna Friska [Fresh Goats Cheeselet]
Some flat leaf parsley
zest of lime

lentil soup 5

Rinse the lentils, no need to soak and place in large pot together with peeled potatoes and carrots roughly chopped.  Add the onion, chopped tinned tomatoes and stock cube. Top up with two litres of water. The vegetables need to be fully immersed so add more water if necessary.

Bring to a boil and lower the heat. Give it a stir and keep doing this from time to time to makes sure the contents do not stick to the bottom of the pot. Keep adding water throughout the cooking time to keep the contents moist and make sure they do not dry up.

lentil soup 6

Keep the soup simmering on low heat until the potatoes are fully cooked. Test one of the potatoes with a knife. When they are cooked, use a hand held blender on pulse setting and leave the soup in a textured consistency.

If necessary add more water.  Add the lime juice, salt and pepper and stir.

To serve garnish with a fresh goats cheese gibna.  Garnish with more parsley and lime zest.

Gbejna 5 .jpg
                  I use Gozitan goat's milk Gibna by Hanini 


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