Blueberry Frangipan Cheesecake

This is a treat and for me sweet enough, but blueberries are quite tart and if you require it sweeter brush the top with some barely warm agave or honey just before serving. This is another quick and easy recipe and it will not take too long to prepare.

blueberry cheesecake 1 .jpeg


You will need :

300g butter, soft
300g sugar
300g eggs, beaten and weighed
300g pure ground almonds
110g self-raising flour

200g blueberries
200g cream cheese [regular or light]

[For a gluten free cake use 410g ground almonds and leave out the flour]


With an electric hand whisk mix all the ingredients thoroughly together until you have an even consistency.

Pour the batter into a 21 cm tart dish or use individual moulds.  Flatten the surface with a spatula dipped in water.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 25 minutes, but you need to adjust cooking time depending on the size of dish you choose. Allow to cool. Gently ease out of the mould.

Soften the cream cheese by using a fork.  Spread over the frangipan tart and flatten with a spoon dipped in water

Blueberry frangipan cheesecake 3

Top with blue berries and serve.  If you have a sweet tooth pour some warm agave or honey just before serving.

blueberry frangipan cheesecake


Top with more blueberries if you wish.

blueberry frangipan cheesecase

I use cream cheese by Milk available at Quality Foods Marketing

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