Spiralize your way through vegetables

If you like the idea of increasing your intake of vegetables and perhaps find more interesting ways for kids to eat vegetables, then a spiralizer is the answer.

Having tried a number of them, I still go back to my favourite which is the hand held one as it requires very little effort, except of course, that opposed to an electrical one, it needs a bit more effort as you twist each vegetable manually one by one.

Spirilizer 2

But price wise they also offer the best option.  There are some on the market that come as attachments to expensive appliances, others that you need to attach to table tops, but you also need to rinse this one thoroughly and it can be stored in any kitchen drawer without taking up too much space or needing much effort to assemble.

Using a spirializer .jpg

Therefore I think you will get your money’s worth, if like me,  you probably tend to use gadgets of this sort very often as you can easily store it in a handy place and grab it quickly once you need to use it.  A simple wash and wipe and back it goes again into the kitchen drawer.

The best vegetables I found so far that spiralize very well are carrots, courgettes, sweet potato and apples.  These can all be eaten raw once they are spiralized.

My Linguine and Spiralized Vegetables Aglio Olio style

If you are trying to reduce carbs, mix the same volume of spiralized vegetables with cooked spaghetti or linguine.  You can find my very simple recipe here

spiralised vegetables for children
Children associate spiralized vegetables with spaghetti and are attracted to the shape and texture.

I use a spiralizer by Tescoma and vegetables by Big Fresh and Barbuto [organic]

Photos: Felix Cesare and Stefan Stafrace


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