‘God bless this year’s crop’ – Victor Tonna [farmer]

Local produce is so fresh on the islands.  The short distances make it possible that within less than 24 hours after harvest,  vegetables and fruit can be found in retail outlets and vegetable vans all over the islands.  It is not possible for the consumer to find any produce that is fresher. The entire process of the food chain is transparent and sustainable.

This month I met three generations of the Tonna family who are full time farmers in their land in Attard.


artichoke fields mgarr malta


I am a full time farmer, here from sunrise to sunset.  I’ve been coming here since I was a child.  Now I am am in charge.  God bless the crop this year.  When you look after it well, you have great results.  We have wells and use the borehole to water the crop, use organic pest control.

Victor Tonna, Farmer


I come here with my dad.  We cultivate vegetables and fruit.  At the moment we have eggplants, basil, tomatoes.  When I am not at school I come here with dad and grandad.  It is hard work but I love it because nature is beautiful, we have a lot of fun together, the air is clean and fresh.

Jean Tonna, aged 12


Local produce

Here I find my inner peace, quiet.  I prefer to be here than at home.  I used to come here with my own father, now I come with my son and grandson.

It is a shame that people sometimes prefer to buy imported produce and it makes me very sad.

John Tonna, 82 years


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