What do you think about the square neckline?

The square neckline that I am seeing so much at the moment reminds me of beautiful ladies in Jane Austen books.   It makes an attractive neckline for wedding dresses.

wedding dress square neckline .jpeg

The square neckline is suitable for all body types.  It is also good for ladies with a big bust as it provides a diversion and are a good frame for the decollete. This type of neckline helps to elongate the neck and make shoulders look more narrow. If you have a small bust it gives the illusion of curves but remember to wear a padded bra.

Maria Bonavia, Image Consultant and Stylist



This neckline is a favourite of  the Duchess of Cambridge.   And it is versatile and can easily be worn causally with jeans or shorts.


the casual way with square neckline

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  1. Love it!

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