A book to read this summer – Beat by Rowan Somerville

I was given a book by Professor Jane Somerville written by her son Rowan.

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A few weeks ago Rowan came to Malta and we spoke more about the book during a tv interview.  He  spent six years  meticulously researching a topic, one which I believe many people choose to remain detached from.

Proud mother of a great son

Proud mother of great son

Professor Jane Somerville

I spent my youth in the Middle East, where Israel was erased from maps in geography text books at school and where respectable expatriates were deported without any prior notice if they were suspected of being from Jewish descent.  One day they were there, the next day they were gone for good.  When we returned from visits to the UK, we always remembered to remove packaging and cut labels off from new underwear that came from St Michaels/Marks and Spencer.  Should they have been spotted,  the items would be confiscated.

So I do relate to the story and even more so to the difficulty Rowan must have faced while carrying out his research which is impressive and brave.

You can click this link and find out more about the book from Rowan himself.

I have only just finished Part I and II.  Rowan’s style of writing is descriptive and easy  to read and this true story of exceptionally unusual events deserves to be read and shared.    I am intrigued and looking forward to Thursday and a long weekend to indulge and finish it.

Rowan Somerville’s book ‘Beat’ is available via Agenda Bookshops or Amazon

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