Light Strawberry Yogurt Desserts

I use light strawberry yogurt to make this easy summer dessert.  For many reasons it is nearly impossible to call this a recipe because it is so easy and quick to make with great results that look like  you have take a bit more time.

teapot with geranium

Use edible geranium petals to finish off desserts

strawberry yoghurt dessert 2
Light Strawberry Yoghurt Desserts

You will need:

1 packet no added sugar strawberry jelly
100ml hot water
grated zest of 1 lime
4 low fat strawberry light yoghurts
200g fresh strawberries
some fresh mint leaves


Place the jelly crystals in a large bowl and add some boiling water. Mix then add the light strawberry yoghurt.  Mix again and add the grated lime zest and half the quantity of the fresh fruit.

Mix then pour into a measuring cup and mix enough water if necessary to make up the required liquid listed on the jelly packet. Mix and pour into glasses.

Place in the fridge for a couple of hours until the content firms up.

Before serving decorate with berries, pomegranate seeds and fresh mint.  I also added some edible pink geranium petals.

strawberry yoghurt dessert

I use Light Strawberry Yoghurt by Hanini
My fresh fruit comes from Big Fresh Mosta
Ceramics by Bristow Potteries
Photos: Pix by P


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