Memories of my mother – Professor Albert Fenech

My mother was Portuguese  and through various turns of life events came to
Malta with two very young daughters, eventually ending up marrying my father.

Albert Fenechs parents


She was ebullient, full of fun, had a great sense of humour [and a naughty one at that]
She was a great home maker in spite of the modest means of our existence.

Prof Albert Fenech

We had a never ending stream of visitors coming home – no invitation was
necessary in those days of course – and she would always come up trumps with
food, and plenty for all.  Her speciality with all the Tabone* kids were her
instant, handmade potato crisps.

luxury theme


She loved music, singing and dancing and though she never got quite used to the naturally loud Maltese character in this respect she was fortunate enough to become hard of hearing which, as she would say in her later years “I can take off my hearing aid and spectacles and I’m in a world of my own seeing and hearing nothing!”.

albert fenech 2

For four years after my father’s death she remained self-sufficient and mobile in spite of the considerable pain and discomfort she constantly bore and she continued to get great enjoyment from her regular sessions of rummy she played with an
ever decreasing number of her friends who she referred to as “the teenagers”

She would always put a lot of effort to cook and prepare the things they enjoyed and
regularly had us over for family meals, always highlighted with more humour and laughter.

Professor Albert Fenech

*Tabone [as in Censu and Maria Tabone]

Professor Albert Fenech is a Consultant Cardiologist based in Malta



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