Soft Fresh Gbejna with Berries, Honey and Almonds

Soft fresh gbejna makes a wonderful dessert when served with berries, citrus zest, honey and nuts.

This is the one I made on tv
This is the one I made on tv

Simplicity is always best and I love serving ingredients as close to their natural state as possible.

First of all you will need some fresh soft gbejna, the fresher the better.  I use cow’s milk gbejna for this recipe.

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Drain the water and chop it up.

Then lay the slices out on a plate.  This is a plate to share and they are my favourite thing this summer.

gbejna berries 6

Simply scatter the berries on top.  Then add the citrus zest of your choice.

gbejna 7

For the one I made later in the week, I added petals of edible flowers.

gbejna 8

Then a drizzle of honey.

gbejna 9a

And finally some lightly toasted flaked almonds.  Without doubt, fresh food at its best.

I use gibniet friski by Hanini
Nuts by Lamb Brand
Fresh fruit by Big Fresh Mosta

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