Meeting Gorgia Muscat in Qormi village square

A summer is not Maltese without the village feasts which take placed in most locations around the islands between June and September.

The preparations for the feast are as exciting and the day itself and we visited the village of Qormi during the preparations for the feast of St George the martyr.

It gets quite complicated as not only are there two parishes in Qormi dedicated to different saints but there are also several committees and band clubs who very much work individually but come together on the feast day out of their love and dedication to their patron saint.

Meeting Giorgia Borg, sitting on the doorstep in Qormi village square, as she awaited daily mass to start in the main church was refreshing because she reminded me how important  the yearly feast for those who live locally.

Gorgia muscat 2

Lea :  ‘What’s your name’

Gorgia:  Gorgia [of course]

We have a beautiful feast.  My children are all grown up.  My daughter has a son and daughter of 20 and 21 years and my other daughter has 2 more and my son has one child.

We love the feast, I bought a new dress, a white one with a half sleeve and a kind of  small coat – a coat dress .  I loved going to the xalata.  If they do one this year I will go.

I need to feed some corn to the chickens s before I leave home.  I buy the corn in large sacks.

I used to be a housekeeper in Hamrun.  The feast day is my favourite time of the year.

From the village of Qormi, greetings from Gorgia.


Gorgia and more summer life in Qormi is available via this link

Gorgia muscat 3



Lea thanks Maria Bonavia for styling, Geraldine Agius for hair, Analise Micallef for makeup and Flormar
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