Francesca, a sweet and special treasure

I can say that meeting Francesca and parents Michelle and Roderick was one of my favorite moments this year. 


Francesca sat very happily on my lap the last time they came by.  It was no big deal for her and she was very content amidst all the commotion around.


When Michelle and Roderick found out she was expecting Francesca she felt that God will be gifting her with an ‘extra special’ child and once Francesca was born, came to realize that she is the perfect baby, a sweet and special treasure just for her and her husband Roderick.

michelle and francesca
Michelle and Francesca. Photo: George Aquilina

Nothing can stop this family from reaching for the sky as their faith in God and in human nature is strong. They are devout, positive and exceptional human beings.

Michelle and Roderick

God is great.  We have been blessed.  We know that there will be challenges but we are so positive about Francesca’s future.  We are honoured to call her our daughter’

Michelle and Roderick Muscat, parents


With thanks to Mustela Malta
Studio Art by Vania Goshe at The Art Point
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