Pre-wedding pics – how important are they?

Pre-wedding photos before the big day arrives are the thing to do these days.   Photos can be planned and memories captured without the pressures faced on the day itself.

Alison Kind
Alison Kind

Some people are hesitant about doing pre-wedding photos  This session provides a lot of opportunities.

Alison Kind, Wedding Photographer

Pre-wedding photo by Alison Kind
Pre-wedding photo by Alison Kind


Alison explains that make up can be checked out properly during a pre-wedding photoshoot before the actual wedding day.

pre wedding 2

Some people like to use their pre-wedding session photos as inserts in their Wedding Day guest book.  Every requirement is different.  For example some couples like to change their outfits, others request a number of locations.  But the final pre-wedding shoot is tailors to individual needs and preferences.

pre wedding 4


Alison explains that she usually has a few locations and spots that she can suggest but she likes to work out the scenario with the couple depending on their likes, budget and what they are comfortable with.  The locations are themed according to the style of the photo shoot.  A vintage setting is very popular nowadays and the small details are important.

pre wedding 3


Alison says that recently a couple who enjoy horse riding and wanted a shoot that included a sunset by the sea.  This took longer than usual because the horses needed to be included and all this had to be captured during that romantic hour when the lighting is perfect for a sunset scene.

pre wedding 5

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