Simple Gifts by Ann- Marie Buckle

Ann-Marie Buckle, 20, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.

After attending theatre arts school and various dance and performing arts classes which led to the  participation in a number of productions, she started singing lessons with Ruth Sammut Casingena in 2012.


Ruth gave Ann-Marie the opportunity to participate in other concerts as a choir as well as a soloist

Under the guidance of Ruth Sammut Casingena, Ann-Marie carried on to work to  develop her voice that allows her to communicate with her emotions.

Ann-Marie has recorded covers which include 'On My Way' from Disney's Brother Bear, ‘Amazing Grace’, 'I Dreamed a Dream' and 'On My Own' from the musical Les Misérables.

Ann-Marie Buckle
Ann-Marie Buckle  ‘ I would like to be a musical actress.  It would be a dream for me to perform in London’s West End’ [Steffi de Martino Media]

‘Ann-Marie is very diligent, dedicated and ambitious, an example to us all’

Ruth Sammut Casingena

Sarah Buckle
Sarah Buckle [Steffi de Martino Media]

‘I worked with Ann-Marie as a child with flashcards and other educational tools to develop her communication skills.   She has a great love for the arts and music, her father is a theatre producer and she was raised in an artistic environment.  Her passion for theatre and art is very strong and she is creative and very enthusiastic.’

Sarah Buckle, mother

With Sarah Buckle, Ruth Sammut Casingena and Ann-Marie Buckle
With Sarah Buckle, Ruth Sammut Casingena and Ann-Marie Buckle [Steffi de Martino Media]
Lea thanks Steffi de Martino Media, Maria Bonavia at Ange Paola, Analise the 
 Make up Artist, Flormar Malta and Geraldine Agius at Screen Hair Salon Fgura


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