My lucky makeovers

One of the best things that happened to me last year was to meet Analise  who accepted the challenge of being my make up artist and therefore every time I have a show, she is with me from the early hours of the morning, without fail, unless she is doing one of her highly charged obstacle races, in which case I am also blessed with Leanne who stands in for her.

They are both great, not only as make up artists but with their easy and unintrusive natures – they both understand the concept of teamwork and that goodwill and loyalty are a necessity from all parties involved to make any relationship to work.

Make up by Flormar
Getting ready for Life and Style Weekend

My daily personal make up routine is very different from Analise’s magic.  She is quick, efficient and gentle, always managing to make my face look refreshed and bright.

How does she do it?  You can watch her tutorials during Life and Style Weekend .

With thanks to Analise  , Leanne and Flormar Professional Make Up
Photos: Rachel Muscat
Studio art: Kenneth Zammit Tabona at The Art Point
[See also Nicola Said's make up by Analise]
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