Getting to know a most talented harpist

I think Lydia and I clicked right away. She has a wonderful way of putting people at ease, which is so important. I enjoyed every part of her participation during my show this year.

Dr Lydia Buttigieg
Dr Lydia Buttigieg
Lea: The harp is known to be a difficult instrument to play. When did you decide to play the harp as your main instrument?
Lydia: The harp was not my main instrument at the beginning of my musical studies, as I had commenced primarily on the piano when I was just 6 years. In 1990, the then Johann Strauss School of Music was offering harp lessons, so then I started studying the harp as a second instrument. Now I can say that both the harp and the piano are my main instruments, performing regularly as a professional musician on both instruments.
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Lea: It is also a difficult instrument to transport. How do you manage this efficiently?
Lydia: It is a very heavy instrument I can assure you, however, I have grown accustomed of how to handle and manoeuvre the harp. I have a 6-wheel trolley and a crossover car which enables me to transport my harp from one place to another. It’s the work of every harpist to transport such a massive instrument. You have built a great reputation as a teacher of music.
Dr Lydia Buttigieg
Dr Lydia Buttigieg
Lea: What route should introduce the harp to a child’s musical tuition?
Lydia: Introducing the harp to a young student is difficult, simply because it depends on the stature of the person. Normally, the harp is taught on the celtic harp, although the system between the celtic harp (small harp) and the concert harp (big harp) various in its mechanism. The celtic functions with levers, whilst the concert harp works with foot pedals that change different pitches according to the plucked string. It is a long process and one needs to highly consider buying an instrument of this genre as it is very expensive and also to maintain it regularly.
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Lea: What do you think has been your most memorable performance so far?
Lydia: Every performance has its unique experience, whether being as an orchestral or chamber harpist or as a solo performer. However, giving my utmost as a performer and seeing the audience enjoying themselves with my performance, leaves me satisfied and thrilled that I had managed to please them.
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Lea: What makes the harp so special for you?
Lydia: The harp is a unique instrument that definitely stands out from the whole orchestra. The sound that is produced from such a beautiful instrument is out of this world. it’s my pride and joy practising on my harp, continuously building new repertoire both as a solo harpist and as a chamber/orchestral musician.
Dr Lydia Buttigieg
Dr Lydia Buttigieg
Lea: How adventurous are you when it comes to collaboration with other instruments?
Lydia: It is a very challenging task to collaborate with other musicians, however, being a professional musician, and the rest of the other musicians are all of the same level, makes it easier to understand one another. All professional musicians have invested hours and years of practice, so that makes it easier for us to fully comprehend the music that we would be performing.
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Lea: What forthcoming projects are you working on?  
Lydia: There are various projects down the pipeline, however, more details will be revealed in the coming weeks.
Dr Lydia Buttigieg with Professor Jane Somerville
Dr Lydia Buttigieg with Professor Jane Somerville
A Tribute by Lydia to her dad

A tribute by Lydia to her Dad
A tribute by Lydia to her Dad
The man who gave me life,
The man who was a true gentleman,
The man who loved his family more than anything in the world,
The man who was a devoted husband and father,
The man who always wanted me by his side,
The man who loved unconditionally,
The man who was a true father to his family.


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