Simplicity is best: Chocolate Hazelnut berry slices

bread 2

I love Crema Novi, more so than other chocolate spreads because it has a higher content of hazenuts and contains no other fats apart from those already found in the nuts and cocoa itself.

bread 5

It also contains a lower content of sugar.

Simplicity is always best and this is the quickest and best snack to feed a sweet craving.

bread 3

Simply spread some healthy bread slices generously with Crema Novi.

bread 1

Top with some berries and I have finished it off with a few sweet smelling hyssop leaves, a change to mint although they are from the same family of herbs.bread 4

Could not be easier.

bread 6

Instead of garnishing with fresh mint,  I use hyssop here, fresh from the garden.  It is so fragrant and part of the mint family.


Crema Novi is imported, distributed and marketed by M&Z (Marketing) Ltd and is available in all leading supermarkets and stores.

I used bread by Jespers the Danish Bakery  and berries by Big Fresh




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