Flowering Sage

In season now, sage is in full bloom and the flowers which are much milder in flavour than the leaves. 

flowering sage 2 .jpeg

They are a wonderful addition to a salad, in moderation. Use them to decorate a cake, to make herbed vinegar or olive oil, or simply pour hot water over them to make a tea infusion. 

Add them dried to your salt or pepper grinder, not only to add flavour but if it is made from a clear material, it is visually beautiful.

Star ingredient - Sage -
According to the British Journal of Nutrition, it is one of the best herbs to help control diabetes.
High in Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium
Rich in Antioxidants, a natural antiseptic and is anti-inflammatory

flowering sage 3.jpeg

You can also dry and store them to use in the winter, when the fresh flowers are rare. The best source is from your own garden or a trusted retailer to make sure they are insecticide free.

flowering sage 4 .jpg

Peppered Gbejna and sage pastries

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Pumpkin Lentil Orange Soup with Sage Flowers

Sage Tea

Artichoke Salad in Pistachio Crust

Pasta with chestnuts, pancetta and sage

Chicken and Pumpkin Mash Pie with Sage

Twice Baked Butternut Squash with Gbejna and Sage

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