The statues of Good Friday

Good Friday  is a very important day on the island and in every parish throughout the afternoon, processions take over most villages and towns.  This tradition is wonderful and very vibrant.

Excitement fills the air as the adored statues decorated with fresh flowers emerge into the crowded streets.  Participants dress as Pontus Pilate, soldiers and other characters as they remember the last few hours before Jesus was crucified.

The floats with these enormous statutes need to be balanced by the carriers dressed in white robes as they walk with pride through their hometowns and villages.



The statues are escorted adoringly along the streets and then make their way back to the church.  The float of Jesus taken down from the cross is the most dramatic and it is decorated with red roses symbolising the blood Jesus shed.


Candles sway, people are filled with emotion and Jesus is thanked for his unconditional love and ultimate sacrifice.  Holy Week in Malta is special with the Good Friday procession being the highlight of a memorable week, a glorious spectacle not to be missed.

The voice of Ruth Sammut Casingena during Holy Week




Photography:  George Aquilina

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