‘No-make-up’ make up look

When Analise started doing my make up this year, preparing me for tv, she explained, much to my dismay at that time, that she will be opting for a ‘no-make up’ or ‘little-make up’ make up look.

I always felt comfortable with the heavy contoured-look which is very popular here especially for tv.

Analise told me all about the newer trend of blending and highlighting the best features without the heavy dramatic look.

lea make up analise

I realised what she meant when I see my finished look each time.  The skin appears moist and bright,  no dryness is evident and I can also say that it is a full make up process with the same amount of make up, magically applied, to appear like it is nearly not here.

Analise  explains that prepping the skin is important and apart from cleansing and moisturising she uses a seaweed oil by Repechage to give that dewy fresh look before she starts to apply the make up.



Apart from foundation, she also uses  liquid illuminator by Flormar which leaves a wonderful finish on the face as though it  has been really well moisturised – a more youthful and fresh appearance.

Flormar liquid illuminator

When I apply my daily make up I mix with my foundation an equal amount of Liquid Illuminator by Flormar [it comes in three different shades] and it is perfect for that fresh glow achieved in seconds.

Flowers by Brian Camilleri at Il-Warda Flower Shop
Flowers by Brian Camilleri at         Il-Warda Flower Shop






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