When vol au vents take centre stage

Vol au vents are easy to make and even easier when you use the ready made packs that are precooked.   Valentine’s is a day for entertaining and this is a perfect option for a starter or a little nibble served with drinks.


Of course you can make your own pastry cases which take time, but nothing  is easier than opening a packet sometimes.

I place the cases in a preheated oven at 180C for 5 minutes if I am using an uncooked filling so that they get that crispiness of something freshly baked.  Then I allow them to cool completely before filling them.  If I am using a filling which needs to cook inside them, I simply fill and bake them without pre-heating the shells

You will need:

12 small size vol au vent cases

and for the filling:

6 tablespoons cream cheese [I use labneh by Kolios]
150g tuna fish [I use low fat and drain all the brine]
2 tablespoons fresh mixed herbs, finely chopped

Place the three ingredients into a bowl and use a wooden spoon to beat them together.  Once the mixture is smooth and consistent, place into a piping bag.

At this stage you can place the piping bag with filling in the fridge, ready to use.

Just before serving, pipe the mixture into each cooled down vol au vent case.

Garnish with:

1 tablespoon black caviar or lumpfish roe
1 tablespoon chopped up smoked salmon
some fresh herbs or parsley

Serve immediately.


Fresh Maltese strawberries, abundant and in season now offer the best finale to a  Valentine’s evening


Photos: Rachel Muscat 

Preserved seafood by Redelmar and Labneh by Kolios are imported, marketed and disributed by Quality Foods [Marketing] Ltd

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